ASP.NET Core ASP.Net 5 Tutorial for Beginners

In this demo-packed beginning class, the first in a series, learn about modeling your data, managing user requests, and connecting to a back-end database. Gain a solid foundation from which to build your ASP.NET knowledge and skills, and get started creating your own apps. Follow up this course with a look at ASP.NET in the Real World.

1 | Introducing ASP.NET 5
Hear Scott Hunter, Principal Director – Program Management, and Scott Hanselman explain the basics of ASP.NET 5, where to find resources, and how to keep up with the changes.

2 | Introduction to Visual Studio
Examine Visual Studio 2015, and learn how to create your first application.

3 | Introducing Model View Controller (MVC)
Explore the basic concepts that make up the Model/View/Controller (MVC) pattern, and see how to use MVC 6 in ASP.NET.

4 | Getting Started with Models, Views, and Controllers
Get an introduction to creating an application using MVC.

5 | Debugging Web Applications
Explore how to debug your application using Visual Studio and browser tools.

6 | Configuration Data
Learn how to store and manage configuration data in ASP.NET.

7 | Publishing Your Application
Explore how to publish your application to Microsoft Azure.

8 | Using Data with Entity Framework
Find out how to use database data with the Entity Framework.

9 | Exploring
In the first of three modules, hear Damian Edwards explain how works for the user, and learn about how the application was built on the back end.

10 | Managing Data on
Learn how you can use APIs to access remote data and how to use data stored on Azure Storage.

11 | Advanced Features in
Explore some of the additional functionality provided by ASP.NET 5 that was used to create, including calendar support and tag helpers.

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